Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There is just something about fall...

Last month Chris and I were able to get down to Baltimore and sing with our old group, which was wonderful for a million reasons.  Not least of which was the FOOD.  Our friend Nora made the most amazing squash dish with pecans and gorgonzola... Yum.

Take a little inspiration from that visit, and a little inspiration from an upcoming holiday that shall remain nameless (not to mention a little procrastination on some pretty important projects), and I think you'll find that the next monthly North Country Shape Note Singing may also be a bit of a feast.

But only if you come!

Saturday, November 15th


We'll be breaking the sound barrier at the new WREN Space
WREN: The Collaboratory
117 Main Street
Berlin, NH

No experience necessary.  All our welcome.  And no, we don't care if you "can't sing."