Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three Videos to Get You Excited for Singing this Saturday

1)  Rockport (page 372 in the Sacred Harp), as sung by the 5th Annual Ireland Convention.

2) Here in the Vineyard, performed by Anna Roberts-Gevalt & Elizabeth LaPrelle
(it shares the tune with The Church's Desolation, page 89 in the Sacred Harp)

3) The Church's Desolation (page 89 in the Sacred Harp)
as sung by some folks at the 2014 Young People's Convention in Austin, TX

I've always preferred 89 at a bit of a clip, but after hearing Anna & Elizabeth sing the melody so slowly and beautifully, I'm kinda digging it slow, Sacred Harp-style, too.

We'll see you on Saturday, October 17th for singing!

117 Main Street
Berlin, NH

Bring your voice, a friend, and a snack to share.