Monday, April 11, 2016

Third Saturday Singing, Coming Up!

Hi folks!
We were so bummed out that we were BOTH sick for last month's singing.  Ugh.  That was the worst.
But that means we're even more excited to sing with you all this coming Saturday!


There are a couple of other singings that I want to remind you all of, too.

There is a weekly singing in Concord, NH every Monday evening AND there is a weekly singing in Portland, ME every Tuesday.

You can't fool me.  I know plenty of you take regular trips to Concord and Portland (to catch a show, to go to Whole Foods, what-have-you).  Plan your trip around a singing and meet some new, fabulous folks!

Okay, back to our singing:

We'll see you all on Saturday, April 16!
WREN Makers' Space
117 Main Street
Berlin, NH

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